Monday, March 4, 2013

Ziptrek's steel cables

Ziptrek Ecotours
Is just what ZipTrek will have you doing! Located in Whistler, British Columbia in Canada, ZipTrek is a great way to see the mountains from a different angle!

Being afraid of heights, I was a little worried about going on Ziptrek, but the guides will have you at ease 100% and they explain all of the safety things you need to know, so there is no need to feel scared!

When you arrive you check in and then meet at a hut at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. It is here that you meet your guide and you get your harness on & a quick safety talk. From there you go on a small zip so you get the feel of what is it like to be in a harness. It is very similar to a rock-climbing harness but you are hanging instead of climbing.

Then you all jump in a van with helmets on, ready to ‘zip’ across the river from platform to platform! The views are amazing if you can open your eyes long enough.

Some quick facts about Ziptrek:

  • You ride a total of 5 ziplines ranging from 80ft to 1100ft.
  • The tour area lies in a valley between Whistler & Blackcomb Mountains and covers over 11 hectares (or 33 acres) of land.
  • Ziplining involves gliding along a suspended steel cable using a pulley and harness.
  • The tour takes approximately 2.5 hours and includes a shuttle to / from the base of Blackcomb Mountain.
  • The prices are a wee bit on the expensive side, but it is well worth the money!
  • CAD$98 per person = Adult (15-64 yrs)
  • CAD$78 per person = Youth (14 & under) and Senior (65 & over)
  • *please note that the prices do not include 7% Goods & Services tax (GST)

I would definitely recommend this if you have a spare morning / afternoon in Whistler but make sure you book as early as possible as it is an extremely popular activity and they do get booked out. All booking info is located on their website and if you are travelling in a group or for a conference, they are more than happy to organize a group trip just for you! It is also a great team-building activity.

I must say that my knees were weak & my heart was pounding but by the end of the zips I was hanging upside-down & flying through the air!!! It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do it again… definitely recommended. 

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