Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Selling on e-bay

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I still sell on e-bay, although I no longer hold dreams of making a living that way. My brief experience with being a Trading Assistant had me climbing around a dusty hot warehouse looking through old books. My take from the project was around $50, and the charity that provided the books received about the same. Still, it was a lot of work for not much $$$. (I probably spent $10 in gas to get to the charity's location, and make the different trips to the post office to mail the books once they were sold).

I have also experimented with selling used clothing, mostly from my daughters. Some of their dresses and outfits seemed to nice to hand over to Goodwill, so I sold them. Often they would fetch between $15 and $25 per outfit. I still do this, but mostly at the changing of seasons. And when I get around to it...... I still have two unopened pairs of long johns that I never got around to selling last winter! With all that money I'm sure to get a nice Amazon e gift card out of it all

Today I am off to the post office to mail a book. I love reading, and even sometimes buy books on impulse that I never get around to reading. Some books are quite quick reads and, if I don't have a need to include them in my permanent collection, I can sell them. This is one such book. Typically, I can sell a $20 book for $5 plus $5 shipping and handling. Postage costs around $3, and I have the empty boxes in my basement. But perhaps more than anything, it gives me a reason to go out on a beautiful spring afternoon like today!

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