Friday, September 12, 2014

Hardwood vs Carpet: Pros and Cons

Hardwood and carpet are the ultimate favorites of homeowners because of their favorable characteristics that make them stand out from other types of flooring. Choosing between them can be tough because they do have their own lists of pros and cons. We at Carolina Flooring Services will help you evaluate the two and help you decide whether to install hardwood or carpet in your home.

The Pros of Using Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood effortlessly looks elegant and impressive because it is made of natural materials. It is also considered much easier to clean than carpet because dirt can be easily wiped clean from the wood's smooth, solid surface. Thus, people suffering from allergies should choose hardwood because it does not attract and hold dust and microorganisms like carpet does. 

Why you might want to consider carpet

If you want to step on soft and padded floor, then carpet is a better choice for you, especially in the bedrooms and living room areas where comfort and relaxation are what you seek for. During winter your feet won’t get shocked by the cold surface of hardwood because carpet is much warmer and will feel like blanket to your feet. Carpet also helps insulate the room so the warmth stays within the house, saving you more money on heating bills.

Weighing the pros and cons

Carpet may seem cheaper than hardwood but carpet will need to be replaced after every few years when it looks worn and shabby. If properly maintained, expect hardwood flooring to last a lifetime or even more, making it a better investment in the long run. Simply refinish the hardwood if it’s damaged or stained and it will look good as new again.

Although hardwood is better for people with allergies, carpet is still a safer choice as it can serve as a cushion if a child trips or falls. Hardwood can also cause accidents when wet, unlike carpet that you can vacuum and steam clean so you can avoid wet areas. 

Hardwood also tends to creak and is more sensitive to noise, so people downstairs hear every footstep from the upper level. Carpet is padded and insulated so sounds don’t travel downstairs. Speaking of padding, children can enjoy kneeling and getting down on a carpeted floor because of its soft cushions. 

When it comes to increasing property value, refinished hardwood is the key to make a better and faster sale. Carpet can be easily changed and cheaper to replace so homebuyers don’t add much value to it. 

What’s your decision?

Hardwood and carpet both have their pros and cons, and it is really a matter of preference when it comes to deciding which one to install. If it’s cushioning you want from carpet but prefer the beauty of hardwood, a quick solution would be placing soft area rugs in high traffic areas on the hardwood floor so you still get the best of both worlds. 

The answer is not always easy but consider the following factors when making your final decision: affordability, comfort, style, maintenance, allergies, durability, and safety. All these will depend on your specific situation and what will work best for your family.

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