Thursday, May 9, 2013


Photo of a pink azalea

It looks like the weather here in Michigan is warming up for good. The mosquitos are already letting their presence be known but they are a minor nuissance in comparision to the floral beauty to be found all over town. The azaleas are huge and the honey suckle vines are already sending sweet scent through the thick warm air.

St. Mary's is even more like a picture book at this time of year than any other. It a beauty that leaves me uneasy and suspicious. Because never once for even a second am I ever unaware of exactly what stage of recovery Nola is in. Ever. It is a painful contrast that I struggle to balance within my life daily.

See, what no one wants to discuss in polite company is this - what happened to the gulf coast (and it's subsequent near abandonment) can happen ANYWHERE. As a matter of fact it will happen there again - in about four to six months. Why? Because we won't have levees much less local leaders with any sense. What we will have is lots of yet to be picked up debris that will get tossed around and thousands of vulnerable houses with blue roofs, trailers, and tents on slabs that will provide little or no protection to residents during even the lightest hurricane.

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